Si-Rich Anode Materials

si-rich anode maertials

Unveiling Solidion's breakthrough product, GCA-Si, is a cost-effective graphene/silicon composite anode material that heralds a paradigm shift in energy storage capabilities for electric vehicles (EVs) and beyond. GCA-Si significantly enhances energy density, potentially extending EV driving ranges by 20-30%. Our innovative patented technology will also merit a reduction in cell costs as measured in U.S. dollars per kilowatt-hour ($/kWh).

Key Features of GCA-Si:

  • Award-Winning Product (2018 R&D100 Award): Recognized for innovation and excellence in technology.
  • Spherical Morphology: Enhancing structural integrity for prolonged performance.
  • Non-CVD or metallurgical grade Si: Revolutionary manufacturing approach for scalability.
  • High Reversible Capacity and High 1st Cycle Efficiency: Ensuring consistent and efficient battery operation.
  • Efficient Li-ion Storage: Optimizing the utilization of lithium-ion for enhanced energy output.
  • Compatibility with Most Binders: Facilitating versatile application across manufacturing processes.
  • Easily Blended with Various Forms of Graphite: Streamlining integration into diverse anode structures.
  • Patented Technologies for Scalable Low-Cost Si-Rich Products: Solidion's proprietary techniques unlock scalable and cost-effective production of silicon-rich materials (typically 50-90% by wt. of Si).
  • Compatibility with Various Solid-State and Liquid Electrolytes: Adaptable to varied electrolyte configurations.
  • Higher Energy Density and Lower Cost per kWh: Ensuring a superior combination of performance and economic viability.

In contrast, Solidion's competitors rely on expensive and challenging Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) methods that contain explosive gaseous raw materials (e.g., silane). Solidion's GCA-Si leverages a revolutionary approach and promotes compatibility with both solid-state and liquid-state electrolytes which further positions it as a versatile and forward-looking solution for the future of energy storage. Solidion continues to lead the way in the evolution of battery technology, pushing boundaries and setting new standards.