Sustainable Synthetic Graphite

As a solution to the predicted 1.4 million ton/year deficit of graphite by 2028, Solidion has developed a process technology that allows for cost-effective production of anode-grade graphite from sustainable sources, such as biomass and recycled materials. Because of Solidion's strong IP portfolio in this space we believe we are well positioned to be a leading supplier of various anode materials in North America and other regions. By fulfilling our sustainable graphite anode material manufacturing plan, we can bring the US into the global top ten of graphite producing countries, with ambition to one day become the world leader.

High Capacity Anode Materials

Si-Rich Anode Materials

Unveiling Solidion's breakthrough product: GCA-Si. GCA-Si is a cost-effective graphene/silicon composite anode material that heralds a paradigm shift in energy storage capabilities for electric vehicles (EVs) and in other applications

Silicon Oxide Anode Materials

Introducing Solidion's pioneering product line for the electric vehicle (EV) and energy storage systems (ESS) industries: GCA-SiO, featuring SiOx, chemically treated SiOx, and the innovative graphene-protected SiOx secondary particles.

Synthetic Graphite-Based Anode Materials

Introducing Solidion's latest innovation: Synthetic Graphite Anode Materials, meticulously crafted to meet the diverse demands of various applications. These products represent a culmination of many years of technical and business experience and dedication.

Extensive IP Portfolio & Technology Advantage

Key Inventions

  • Graphene-enabled batteries
  • Elastic polymer-protected batteries
  • Quasi-solid electrolytes
  • Elastomeric solid-state electrolytes
  • Advanced polymer/inorganic hybrid electrolytes
  • Numerous other disruptive battery technologies

Key Enabling Battery Technologies

  • Si-rich anode having highest performance/cost ratio
  • Highest-capacity sulfur cathode materials (Co-, Ni-, and Mn-free)
  • Most process-friendly solid-state electrolytes
  • Protected lithium metal anode
  • Fast chargeability
  • Aluminum-ion cells
  • Sodium-ion cells

Product Roadmap

lithium metal anode


Lithium Metal Anode

Solidion pioneered the development of key enabling technologies, in the form of graphene/polymer-based lithium metal protection layers, addressing critical challenges that have historically hindered the commercialization of solid-state lithium metal batteries...



Flame Resistant Electrolytes

Solidion stands at the forefront of electrolyte innovation with several key technologies. The invention of quasi-solid electrolytes, notably the "solvent-in-salt" variety, and elastomeric solid electrolytes marks groundbreaking achievements...

sulfur based cathode


Sulfur Based Cathode

Solidion's innovative approach includes a nanostructured graphene-sulfur cathode, characterized by its high sulfur content and utilization efficiency...

next gen battery cells


Next Gen Battery Cells

Solidion's developed battery technology offers versatile configurations, including both conventional unipolar and innovative bipolar architectures, for its current and future generations of batteries...