Silicon Oxide Anode Materials

si-rich anode maertials

Introducing Solidion's pioneering product line for the electric vehicle (EV) and energy storage systems (ESS) industries: GCA-SiO, featuring SiOx, chemically treated SiOx, and the innovative graphene-protected SiOx secondary particles. Solidion's production process begins with SiOx powder, a cost-effective material derived by heating a mixture of Si particles and SiO2 (silica) particles. Both feedstock materials are abundant and economically desirable. Solidion takes this a step further by combining SiOx particles with graphene sheets, resulting in the creation of graphene-encapsulated SiOx particles, known as GCA-SiO.

Key Features of GCA-SiO::

  • Excellent Reversible Capacity/Cycle Efficiency:Ensuring optimal performance over multiple cycles.
  • Adjustable SiO Contents for Desired Energy Densities: Providing flexibility based on application requirements.
  • Readily Integrated with Graphite in an Anode: Facilitating seamless integration into existing anode structures.
  • Compatibility with Most Binders: Offering versatility in manufacturing processes.
  • Great High-Temperature Storage Performance: Maintaining stability and efficiency under challenging conditions.
  • Competitive Pricing: Delivering cost-effective solutions for enhanced energy storage.

Solidion's commitment to innovation shines through GCA-SiO, providing the EV and ESS industries with a reliable, efficient, and economically viable solution for advancing energy storage capabilities.